Colin Montgomerie established The Elizabeth Montgomerie Foundation in memory of his mother, who died of lung cancer. The foundation has raised over £4.5 million in a joint campaign called Monty’s Maggies Appeal to fund the build of two Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in Aberdeen and Lanarkshire. The centres named after Colin’s mum Elizabeth are now fully operational and are helping thousands of patients and their families throughout Scotland. EMF has also contributed £20,000 to the Maggies Cardiff Centre that is in the early stages of fundraising.

“In January 1991 I lost my mother, Elizabeth to cancer. During this difficult time I became aware of the devastating effects that cancer can have on a patient and their families.I am hugely proud to have two Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres named after my mum Elizabeth. I will continue to help widen the network of cancer support through my foundation.” – Colin Montgomerie